Home Branch



                        Home branch is key branch of the Collector office entrusted with maintaining Law & Order situation in whole district.  The work of Home Branch is done under the Control of The Collector & District Magistrate, Akola and The Resident Deputy Collector & Additional District Magistrate, Akola is Office-In-Charge of the branch.


                        The branch majorly deals with following subjects :-


1.         Issuance of the order u/s 37 (1) (3) are passed for a period of 15 days for maintaining the Law & Order.


2.         Issuance of the orders u/s 144 ( Cr.P.C.) for maintaining the law and order situation.

3.         Appointment of Executive Magistrates.

4.         Launch & withdrawal of prosecutions.

5.         Conduct enquiry into the death of prisoner.

6.         Submission of report proposal for grant of parole to the prisoner.

7.         Submission of report for caste verification certificate.

8.         Claims under Solatium Fund scheme.

9.         Submission of application of grant of Title for News Papers.

10.     Requisition of Vehicle.

11.     15 – Point Prime Minister Programme.

12.     Tour programme of Ministers.

13.     Indian Citizenship Act.

14.     Foreign Contribution Act.

15.     Atrocity Act.

16.     Action against bogus doctors in Akola Dist.

17.     Grant of permission from Maharashtra Medical Practitioners Act 1961.

18.     Permission to play heavy vehicles in prohibited area in Akola City for essential Govt. works.

19.     Grant of Cinema Licence & Renewal of licence.

20.     Grant of Video / Parlour Game licence and renewal of licence.

21.     Grant of ‘J’ licence.

22.     Grant of N.O.C. for storage of Petroleum.

23.     Grant of N.O.C. from possess explosives.

24.     Grant of Arms licence and renewal of licence.

25.     Grant of licence in form 24 to possess explosives and to sale firecrackers for ‘Diwali Festival’ ( 15 days ).

26.     Grant of Hotel licence and renewal of licences.

27.     Maintenance of D.V. Cars.

28.     Unlawful Activities Act.