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Status Information Management system by NIC (SIMNIC)

  1. Background:.

SIMNIC is a data collection and compilation web application that generates the data entry screens on the fly as per the format design. It addresses the need of status information compilation formats prepared and circulated now and then in the Government for its various projects /schemes for effective decision making. SIMNIC also ensures easy and timely submission of data from line departments, concurrency, compilation, consolidation etc. SIMNIC enables data collection in all major language scripts of India, using Unicode. This web based application is available at URL http://mahasim.nic.in.

Objective: Every department of Government has a need to collect the information about status of projects from filed offices through various formats. With a view to provide speedy format preparation and online collection of information and its management, NIC, Mumbai has developed this package which is implemented on NICNET as an G2G package.

How it is achieved: A generic web-based module is designed & developed keeping in the view the basic parameters of required formats. Administrator of the SIMNIC generates an ID and gives administrator password for the format to be prepared. This ID & password is used for the formation definition and its administration by the concerned department. Format Administrator can give passwords for each of the reporting field office or a global password for user operator can be used.