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नागरी दवाखाने:

Akola District, with the rest of Berar was assigned to the East India Company by the Nizam of Hyderabad following the Treaty of Assignment of 1853. After the Province was assigned to the Company it was divided into two districts, East Berar and West Berar, Akola being the headquarters of the latter. In 1903 the Treaty of Assignment was superseded by an agreement under which the Nizam ceded Berar to the Government of India in perpetuity. Administration of Berar was then transferred from the Resident of Hyderabad to the Chief Commissioner of Central Provinces.

The area which now forms the present Akola district was created by the transfer of Murtizapur tahsil from Amravati to Akola district and by the transfer of Khamgaon and Jalgaon tahsils from Akola to Buldhana district. Washim district was broken up and two of its tahsils, viz., Washim and Mangrul, were included in Akola district.

The Gazetteer for the, Assigned Districts of Hyderabad which were known as Berar was compiled in 1870 and it was edited by Sir A. C. Lyall, Commissioner of West Berar. The Volume contained a few pages on the various tahsils which now form Akola district.

Subsequently the Government of Central Provinces and Berar compiled the Gazetteers for various districts in the beginning of this Century, In this series, Mr. C. Brown, I. C. S., compiled the first Akola District Gazetteer in 1910. Mr. C. Brown had taken freely the information from Sir A. C. Lyall's Gazetteer for the Hyderabad Assigned Districts (1870) as also from the Settlement Reports and other official records.

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