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Doordarshan Maintenance Centre, Akola was established in the year 1984.At present DMC is looking after following 9 Low Power Transmitters, 2 Nos. of DDII Transmitters for terrestrial NEWS & 2 Nos. of Very Low Power Transmitters.
1 Low Power Transmitter DDI Akola
2 DD II NEWS Akola
3 Low Power Transmitter DDI Achalpur
4 Low Power Transmitter DDI Akot
5 Low Power Transmitter DDI Aamravati
6 DD II NEWS Amravati
7 Very Low Power Transmitter Chilkhaldara
8 Low Power Transmitter DDI Chandur (Rly.)
9 Low Power Transmitter DDI Daryapur
10 1Low Power Transmitter DDI Karanja
11 Low Power Transmitter DDI Risod
12 Very Low Power Transmitter Tiwasa
13 Low Power Transmitter DDI Washim

IIt has a staff strength of 92 employees.

DMC Akola was awarded “Best Maintained DMC” in the year 2003-2004.

DMC Akola is one of the selected DMC’s from all over India for scrolling of advertisements from one of its LPTs. Thus we have started to roll local ads from TV Station, Akola with effect from November 2004.

The rates of scrolling of advertisements from LPT Akola are given on a separate page. Now as per the Cable (TV) Regulation Act 1995 amended vide Gazette notification 16(1)/2005/E-III, dated 25/02/2005, it is now mandatory for all the cable operators to retransmit the following three Doordarshan Channels in the Prime Band & the operating frequency of the Local Doordarshan Transmitter should be kept Blank.

1 DD I
3 DD Sahyadri (Regional)

Also it is mandatory to retransmit the following five Doordarshan Channels in the NON-PRIME Band of the cable operator:

1 DD Sports
2 DD Lok Sabha;
3 DD Rajya Sabha
4 Gyan Daarshan
5 DD Bharati (For specified states where Regional service is available)

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