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AKOLA EDUCATION SOCIETY {AES} is a leading academic institution of the Vidarbha region of the state of Maharashtra, with a history of over eighty years of commitment to the cause of education. Driven by the concept of the values of life and social good, the society provides everything in education that the parents would want for their children.

AES was founded on the auspicious day of Tilak Jayanti on the 23rd July 1927 with the late Rao Bahadur Ramchandra Vishnu Mahajani as the founder President. The same day was inaugurated New English High School {NESH} Akola, followed by Murtizapur High School {Mtz. H.S.} Murtizapur in 1936.

What was just a sapling in 1927, flourished in due course of time into a sprawling Banyan tree, having multiple branches e.g. faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce, and MCVC junior college of NESH, Jubilee English K.G., Primary, High School and junior College, Akola Jijaoo Kanya Vidyalaya, Platinum Jubilee English High School, Kharap, Jubilee English {CBSE} High School, Kumbhari, Jubilee English Primary School, Murtizapur, with over 5000 learners ranging from K.G. to P.G. These institutions carved a niche in the field of education by producing students of high caliber and merit. AES celebrated Platinum Jubilee in 2002. As a mark of celebration and to commemorate the event, it was resolved to venture into the field of university education by setting up the Akola Law College, {ALC} providing Five -Year law course; Set up in 2004 the college now has facility to teach in post-graduate studies i.e. LL.M. from 2009.

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